1. resemblance; similarity.

  2. the outward appearance or apparent form of something, especially when the reality is different.

  3. Majeda Alhinai, William Virgil - Brash Collective.

'Semblance' is a series of wall installations that lead through the walkways of Key West City Hall and end at the lobby. The sculptural panels reference architectural elements of the Florida Keys. As Victorian architecture is an important aesthetic culture associated with Key West, this was a great influence in the facades' production. The silhouettes of houses overlaid with ornamental accents exaggerated from Victorian architecture and colorful graphics, fuse the rich historic culture with contemporary details. 


The chosen color palette references the tropical aesthetic of the islands. The panels are engraved from Expanded PVC, a material commonly used for signs. The layers were fabricated via CNC and have varying thicknesses throughout the piece; stacked up to 5" in some moments and as low as 1" in others. This allows for a play on flatness and depth with the use of the overlaid graphic. The graphic reveals ornamental and architectural details throughout the artwork.