1. outside the physical limits of ornament in architecture.

  2. a thing used to make something look more attractive but usually having no practical purpose​.

'Beyond Ornament' The digital turn in architecture has opened new possibilities for design. With the technologies and tools at our disposal today, ornament can be pushed into unexplored territories. This project aims to reclaim Ornament in a different configuration. The argument here is that once ornament is reconfigured in an excessive manner, it loses its decorative character and becomes something new.


The multiplicity of ornament masks the singularity of one. In order to push beyond the decorative, this project will investigate the representational and functional dimensions of ornamentation in architecture. Through the exploration of the extents of excessiveness, a new artifact will emerge. In order to incorporate high function and design in architecture, this project will take the form of a solar panelized pavilion.